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Oakdale Church is a multi-cultural church that consists of those who don't follow Jesus, those considering following Jesus and those who have chosen to follow Jesus. We are a Church who serves our community by offering events such as free music lessons, free horseback riding lessons, free health clinics, job-fairs and much more. Like any healthy relationship we love and welcome those who disagree with us and never attempt to force people to change. We understand people change for the benefit of a relationship they value. And in our opinion, a relationship with Jesus will naturally cause us to want to change parts of our life as we come to value a relationship with him.


Here's what you can expect-
We dress casual and meet for roughly an hour on Sunday's at 10:30am and again on Wednesday's in homes at 7:00pm. We expect questions and doubts about Jesus from those who visit. We also welcome you to NOT give during our offerings. We're not here for your money, we're here to help demonstrate who Jesus is. We invite all people, of all ages and ethnicity to join us as we discover who Christ is and learn how we can follow Him.


Our Mission: We exist to help people discover and follow Christ.
Our Vision: To demonstrate God's love to our community.


A story from a guest of ours:


The Oakdale Church was established in 1952. Christians affiliated with the Church of God, headquartered in Cleveland, TN, purchased the property and built the sanctuary in the 1952. They chose the name Oakdale after the local community. Brian Downing is the current Pastor.

To see a detail of the denomination's beliefs, please click here

About us

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